Women Who Want To Get Laid

Here it goes guys, there are many times when men just fuck up their chances of getting laid because they said something stupid that really turned off the girl from giving up the pussy. Here are some tips to prevent this from happening.

  1. Women can smell bullshit a mile away so if you approach a girl either online or in person don’t play games, don’t pretend you are something your not, because most of the time they don’t care if you don’t have a lot of money or drive a Mercedes Benz or have your own house they just want to get fucked and get out of there. Don’t lie it will only hurt your chances in the long run because she will eventually find out who you really are and hate you. This is why so many men have a bad reputation among women, we go around lying to them what for? When you could have had that girl for a lot longer than just one fuck!
  2. When approaching women you don’t have to talk about or hint at sex, she will give it to you but you don’t have to throw it in her face, imagine yourself as a hot girl “a 10″ how many men everyday are trying to hit on her and say the same old lame shit “hey baby can I get your number” “damn babe you look hot can I talk to you”, quite frankly a super hot girl will have already been tired of that which is why they either ignore men when they come off like that or they may pretend and give you a fake phone number when you ask just to get rid of you.
  3. Have a little more to offer than just sex even if you are just looking for a sex hookup. Know something about the world, have something intelligent to say, if you show the girl you are more than just a big dick when she needs it you could very well find yourself having multiple girls who are 10s wanting to be with you all the time. You see women know they can easily get a man at least a halfway decent looking woman so for men it is important that you do more than what other guys do, you have to be special even in the most minor way so you stand out. Guaranteed most HOTTIES have their phone ringing all the time, getting a man is easy but they are looking for the right guy who they feel most comfortable with.
  4. Continue to practice your skills when it comes to talking to women and don’t be afraid of rejection. Rejection is good because it’s not always the girl rejecting you but in a certain situation she may not be interested in what you have to offer. Again there are over 7 billion people on the planet most of them women, most guys get down on themselves just because a couple women told them to get lost. LOL so what that is bound to happen and most real players, real alpha man aren’t phased one bit by rejection, they don’t see it as a loss because this is a game and you can be guaranteed that if you continue you will have plenty of perfect 10 girls who want to give you their pussy and everything else, so one girl that says no isn’t a big deal.


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